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StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void 3.4.0 Patch Notes

This patch goes live in Europe on Wednesday, July 13. The StarCraft II Ladder Revamp has arrived. Read on for a list of highlights! Your matchmaking rating (MMR) is now displayed in various screens throughout the StarCraft II user interface. A new Ladder tab has been added to the Score Screen that displays both you […]

The Week in StarCraft II Esports (July 7 – July 10)

This week, we'll watch players from Europe, North America, and Latin America qualify for the WCS Summer Championship via the WCS Challenger events. Meanwhile, Korea continues to initiate the beginning rounds of their most premier leagues: the GSL Code S and the StarCraft II StarLeague main event. All the while, Proleague continues to work towards […]

New Ladder Maps for 2016 Season 3

The upcoming Ladder Revamp will bring with it a series of new maps. These will become the new map pools for Season 3. Below, we’ve provided images and descriptions for each of the new maps coming to StarCraft II ladder competition, whether that be in the solo 1v1/Archon format, or in a team game format. […]

Legacy of the Void Balance Update — July 6, 2016

After thorough consideration and reviewing the feedback of players all over the world, we've made a few changes to the balance of the game. We previously tested these changes in the Balance Test Map and are now ready to move forward with them. You can expect to see the following adjustments applied to Legacy of […]

Call to Action: June 28 Balance Testing

We’ve published a new Balance Test Map titled “(4)FrostLE (3.3.2 Balance v1.0).SC2Map” which contains the following changes that we’d like your feedback on: Zerg ​Queen's AA weapon range increased from 7 to 8 Spore Crawler's Root time decreased from 6 to 4 We encourage you to head on into the Balance Test Map to test […]

Patch 3.4: The StarCraft II Ladder Revamp

The StarCraft II ranked ladder is one of the most challenging and competitive arenas in the video game world. Many enter, and only a few rise to the top. In order to be the best, you have to be able to track your progress and know how you stack up against the competition. There are […]

Proleague Round 3 Schedule

The StarCraft II Proleague is the quintessential team league of Korea – seven teams battling across an entire year to determine which team is truly the best. Whether your a Proleague veteran or new to the Korean team league scene, we've put together the schedule below to help you easily tune in and see your […]

Players Train With Polt and viOLet

What would it be like to get trained by pro StarCraft II players? It’s a question many have probably wondered—and which some lucky players are now able to answer firsthand. Machinima recently shared their Training Camp web series in which players were invited to join an exclusive online camp. Once accepted, they were assigned to […]

2016 Ladder Season 3 Begins

It's time for the third Season of this year’s StarCraft II league play to begin! Bonus pools and standings have been reset, and 2016 Season 2 milestones have been awarded. You can take a look at your results for the past Season by visiting the Leagues and Ladders section of your character profile. As we've […]

The Week in StarCraft II Esports (June 14 – June 20)

Esports provide entertainment for a vast variety of reasons; they can give us the opportunity to be shocked and awes by amazing plays, spend time with our endeared personalities, follow the storylines of our favorite players, or even inspire us to try something one of the pro's does and fail miserably. This week provides an […]