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SHOUTcast Album Art Available in Winamp for Android

Filed under: Winamp Updates Winamp Blog: Why would you only want to see this…. … when you could see this? With Winamp for Android version 1.4.3 and Album Washer, you don’t have to. If you are an Album Washer user, go to Settings >> SHOUTcast Album Art or by long pressing on … Read more

Add Lyrics to Winamp with SongFreaks

Filed under: Developer Community, Winamp Updates Winamp Blog: Sing along to your favorite tunes! The SongFreaks team have built a really cool Lyric service for the Winamp Media Player! With their innovative LyricStream technology, the SongFreaks service will highlight lyric lines in time with the music you … Read more

Lyrics Available in Winamp for Android

Filed under: Winamp Updates, Tutorials Winamp Blog: Tired of mumbling the words to your favorite songs? Now you don’t have to! The Lyrics add-on for Winamp for Android displays lyrics and automatically scrolls in time with the song you’re listening to (lyric synchronization is not available on all … Read more

Winamp Pro for Android – Only $2.99 – Limited Time Offer

Winamp Blog: Limited Time Offer Winamp Pro for Android Only $2.99 To celebrate the Holiday Season and the fact that Winamp for Android has been installed over 10 million times, we are now offering the Pro Bundle in-app purchase for only $2.99 … Read more

Winamp Pro Now Available in the Android Market

Filed under: Winamp Updates Winamp Blog: Now there are two ways to get the Pro features for Winamp for Android. Either by purchasing the “Pro Bundle” directly from the Winamp app as an in-app purchase, or by purchasing the Winamp Pro app directly from the Android Market. If you have … Read more

Calling All Beta Testers

Filed under: Developer Community Winamp Blog: Attention Android app fanatics! Winamp is looking for beta testers to provide feedback on cutting edge features for our Android app. The Nullsoft team recently launched Winamp Labs for Mac (Winamp for Mac now in beta) and as of today we are … Read more

Winamp for Mac Sync – 0.7.3 Release

Filed under: Winamp Updates Winamp Blog: The latest version of Winamp for Mac Sync Beta is available to download today from This latest update of Winamp for Mac Sync Beta allows greater music management features, play queue enhancements and will allow future releases to be … Read more

Album Washer & Winamp for Android 1.3

Filed under: Winamp Updates Winamp Blog: Introducing “Album Washer” available in Winamp for Android Winamp Album Washer The all new Winamp Album Washer, powered by Gracenote┬«, will clean-up your audio library. In other words, Album Washer updates incorrect or missing track … Read more

The Ins and Outs of Album Washer

Filed under: Tutorials Winamp Blog: The Ins and Outs of Album Washer So you have purchased Album Washer from the Winamp for Android Addons Store, now what? Album Washer is an album art and metadata (song title, album title, artist name, etc.) corrector. When you “wash” a track, … Read more

Now playing…a new and improved Now Playing!

Filed under: Winamp Updates Winamp Blog: An awesome new Now Playing experience is available in the Winamp Media Player (PC Desktop) with an updated design and new content. The new Now Playing is full of exciting features: Responsive Design: You’ll now see a tablet reader style design … Read more