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This is the Police Review

After a long night filled with nightmares and lingering thoughts, you arrive at the police station early in the morning. A threatening note from the city’s biggest crime boss has been carefully placed at your work desk. He needs you to do some “favors” for him in exchange for your life–and a large sum of […]

Who is your favorite Joker?

Hello world!

Pokemon Go’s Success Has "Energized" EA and Its Plans for AR

Pokemon Go has been on the minds of many over the past few weeks, and now Battlefield 1 publisher EA has weighed in on the augmented-reality creature catching game. CEO Andrew Wilson believes that what Niantic has done with Pokemon Go is significant and said that EA is working on AR experiences as well. “[Pokemon […]

Cialis levitra viagra price comparison Mother Russia Bleeds – Prison Riot Gameplay

See 13 minutes of Mother Russia Bleeds co-op brawling gameplay. bad credit card quick money fast cash payday loans las vegas loans with bad credit guaranteed approval allied cash advance fast loans cash loans no credit check how to get a loan with bad credit cash advance loan is there such a thing as […]

GS News – New Destiny: Rise of Iron Details, Overwatch’s New Seasonal Event!

The new Xbox One S improves performance of some games according to Digital Foundry, and Overwatch celebrates the Olympics with a new mode and skins!

Rainbow Six Siege: Skull Rain – Caveira Full Round Gameplay

Check out a full round of gameplay from Rainbow Six Siege Skull Rain DLC.

Rainbow Six Siege: Skull Rain – Interrogations Gameplay

Check out how Interrogations works in Rainbow Six Siege Skull Rain DLC.

GS News – No Man’s Sky Completed In 30 Hours; HTC Vive Brexit Price Hike!

The Xbox One Summer Update begins rolling out, and Valve’s VR Headset is getting quite a bit more expensive because of the weakening British Pound.

Cool Assassin’s Creed 3 Figurine Shows Connor About to Axe a British Soldier

Assassin’s Creed III may have been a one-off story in the series–the main character Connor never got his own trilogy like Ezio did–but the game’s art direction still remains one of the best of any Assassin’s Creed title. Today, Ubisoft showed more evidence of the lasting appeal of Connor, as it announced a new figurine […]

Pokemon Go Is Broken Without Tracking

Over the weekend, after heavily hinting at their disapproval of such apps, Niantic sent cease and desist letters and effectively brought down all fan-made radar programs for the company’s runaway success Pokemon Go. PokeVision, PokeRadar: just gone. At the same time, they pushed an update to the app that removed the footprints from beneath Pokemon […]