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Server Hotfix out now!

This week we released a new TeamSpeak 3 server version ( This release contains the following required changes: + fixed temporary server groups issue + fixed crash at startup while upgrading from 3.0.8 or earlier

TeamSpeak 3 Server Version released

We released a new TeamSpeak 3 server ( This version contains a fix against a rare server crash on client disconnect. Please read the changelogs for detailed information!

Client Hotfix available

A new TeamSpeak 3 client version is available. This version contains a hotfix to prevent possible crashes.

TeamSpeak 3 for Android released

The wait is finally over, TeamSpeak 3 for Android released! After more than one and a half years of development, we are happy to announce the final release of TeamSpeak 3 for Android. During this time we have received a lot of suggestions, feedback, and comments from our beta testers, whom we would like to […]

TeamSpeak 3 Client Version 3.0.13 released

Today we released the new TeamSpeak 3 client 3.0.13. This version includes some new features/functions. Added: – support for channel delay feature in server 3.0.10.– search field in customize toolbar dialog.– display of filetransfer progress in taskbar (Windows 7 and above). For further and detailed informations please read our changelog.

New TeamSpeak 3 Client and Server released

This week we released a new TeamSpeak 3 server (3.0.9) along with the appropriate client (3.0.12). These new releases are required for the Overwolf overlay. – The new server also comes with an added “-badges” parameter to “clientlist” serverquery command – The new client also includes a TeamSpeak control plugin with a functionality similar to […]

TeamSpeak 3 Server Version 3.0.8 Released

Today we released the new TeamSpeak 3 server 3.0.8. There are a number of changes, major improvements and additional features with this release. – new login protocol. TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.11 (published July 31st 2013) required to connect to the new server. Older clients cannot connect to this server version.– added new commandline parameter “query_skipbruteforcecheck” […]

New TeamSpeak3 Client released today

TeamSpeak Client 3.0.11 out now! Enjoy our client with the following new features:– Added (Windows only) hotkey support for multiple USB devices.– The chat- and poke messages are now styleable too. – The classic chat colors are available via our settings. (Design > Theme > classic) For detailed information please read our changelog.

Server Hotfix available

A new TeamSpeak 3 server version is available. This version contains a hotfix as a countermeasure against recent DOS attacks. These attacks interfere with the way the server handles new client connections and cause very high CPU usages. – Please download and install the server.– Login to the query interface with a serveradmin […]

New server release

Today TeamSpeak published server This release addresses some important issues:– fixed hostinfo does not work with no running virtualserver– fixed server hanging after serverstop (and other) commands– fixed temporary passwords won?t work where channel names include / or * improved indentation of server query help file The new server software can be downloaded here. […]