Announcing Jade Dynasty: Starfall!

Jade Dynasty: Starfall is our latest expansion that will be launching in June! Lots of new features and fixes are planned, so here’s a sneak preview of what will be dropping soon:


New Faction: Seira!

The Seira are the latest addition to the Etherkin race. They are a support class, with an affinity for the wind, and their chosen weapons are Fans.


The new addition to the Etherkin race, the Seira


Previously, new factions would have to wait until the next game update to be able to Ascend, but the Seira will be able to achieve Ascension within the Jade Dynasty: Starfall expansion. Because of this, other factions will also be able to Ascend into the new Seira faction as well upon release.


New UI Redesign!

Jade Dynasty: Starfall will give the game a long overdue makeover! Check out the new menu designs and NPC conversations!


New character selection screen


NPCs will now show different “Lotus” status icons


New Sunstream City!

After the turmoil of the Etherkin landing during the Destruction of Sunstream, Sunstream City had to be rebuilt in the aftermath. While ambitious, this new Sunstream City map was quite a bit too grandiose and difficult to navigate.

The city architects have decided to redesign Sunstream City yet again, to go along with the new UI design! The map has become much more compact, with NPCs relocated to be less farther apart. Check out a preview the newly revamped Sunstream City!



Stay tuned to the News page for further announcements on Jade Dynasty: Starfall!



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