Citadel Savage and Double EXP


This weekend, get your Esper ready and make sure your schedule's free — we're going to be having a double EXP weekend! From Thursday night onward, you'll get twice as much EXP from each monster kill.


Additionally, on Friday, we'll be having a special boss spawn, of the Citadel Savage, for high-level players. This monster will spawn in the Imperial Citadel, and its killers have a chance at earning a Kirin Sigil. You'll have to fight off other parties, though…


Bonus EXP Starts:
Doom Bog: 11:00pm Thursday
Billows and Wildlands: 2am Friday
Shura and Archaia: 8am Friday



Citadel Savage:
Shura: 8:15pm server time Friday
Billows and Wildlands: 8:15pm server time Friday
Doom Bog: 6:45 pmserver time Friday



Bonus EXP Ends:
Doom Bog: 10:00pm Sunday
Billows and Wildlands: 1am Monday
Shura and Archaia: 7am Monday


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