Fire Blossom Fashion

The Fire Blossom fashion set has been added to the Marketplace! This sweet yet spicy outfit will show up on all current character races and factions, including on the Kytos' Beast Form.

Eagle eyed players may have noticed that this fashion set appeared in a flash sale earlier this year, but the Fire Blossom fashion set is now permanently for sale in the Marketplace!


In addition, we have some exciting Marketplace sales!

All Expertise items have been discounted!

Star Bronze Case x1 0.50 Jaden now 0.35 Jaden

Star Bronze Case x5 2 Jaden now 1.50 Jaden

Lunar Silver Case x1 1 Jaden now 0.75 Jaden

Lunar Silver Case x5 4 Jaden now 3 Jaden

Solar Gold Case x1 2.50 Jaden now 1.80 Jaden

Solar Gold Case x5 10 Jaden now 7.50 Jaden


Evolution Jade is now 50% off! Use this to Evolve your Pet at a Pet Tamer and unlock new Pet Evolutions.

Evolution Jade 10 Jaden now 5 Jaden


Golden Branch of Wishes is 50% off! Use this to randomly get new Soul Cards.

Golden Branch of Wishes 2 Jaden now 1 Jaden


Perfect Tawen Gems are on sale!

Perfect Tawen Gem x1 1.50 Jaden now 0.75 Jaden

Perfect Tawen Gem x11 15 Jaden now 7.50 Jaden


All Bag and Stash expanding items are on sale!

Magewool x1 3 Jaden now 1.50 Jaden

Magewool x3 8 Jaden now 4 Jaden

Felwood 2 Jaden now 1 Jaden

Kifan Wood 4 Jaden now 2 Jaden

Arcane Wool 5 Jaden now 2.50 Jaden


These sales will only be around for a limited time, so take advantage of them while you still can! Happy adventuring!



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