Jade Dynasty: Starfall – Now Live!

The new Starfall expansion has landed! To celebrate, we are having 3x EXP during launch week!

3x EXP Begins: 6/22/16 @ 7 pm PDT

3x EXP Ends: 6/28/16 @ 7 pm PDT


In addition, check out some of the features new to Jade Dynasty: Starfall!

New Faction: Seira!

The Seira are the latest addition to the Etherkin race who use Fans to support their allies with the power of the wind. Seira also will be able to achieve Ascension upon release!

New UI Redesign!

Jade Dynasty gets a long overdue makeover, with new menu designs, enhanced NPCs, and more!

New Sunstream City!

The Sunstream City map has been redesigned to be more compact, and it's now easier to reach all NPCs!

NOTE: If your character gets stuck in the new Sunstream City map, be sure to use your Town Portal or Homeland Portal skills to be teleported safely out.

New System: Appearance Inheritance!

Visit the Flower Girl NPC in Sunstream City to change the appearance of your Gear and Fashion to that of another! Keep the stats, but change the flair!

New Area: Garro Island!

Explore this new map for even more adventures and challenges! You won't be able to depend on many of the comforts of your old items such as Portal Charms, so explore carefully!

New Instance: Mortal Trial!

This new daily instance is recommended for Ascended LV150+ characters. Talk to the Mortal Trial NPCs and choose one out of three targets to hone your skills against!

And more!!


Please note that with the launch of the Starfall expansion, the Swallow Step Drop Event and the Bonus Jaden System have now ended. 

Be sure to check the official Jade Dynasty forums for more detailed patch notes and up to date news!



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