Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and to celebrate, all sorts of items in the Marketplace are discounted for a limited time!

NEW! Yuan Crystal LV9!

It's your lucky day! Yuan Crystal LV9 is on sale in the Marketplace at 60 Jaden for a limited time.

Yuan Crystal LV9


Lunar Gift Pet Pack is on sale!

The Lunar Gift is now half off at 7.50 Jaden! Contains an adorable Checkers Pet, Miradrake Orb x1, and Eera Herbs x10.



CritStrike Rate Boosting Pack and Skill Evasion Boosting Pack are on sale!

These can only be opened once per character. Recommended for rookies or new characters.

CritStrike Rate Boosting Pack x1 5 Jaden now 4 Jaden

Skill Evasion Boosting Pack x1 5 Jaden now 4 Jaden


Fashion Dye is 50%!

Use these lottos to obtain different dyes, which you can use on various dyeable fashion sets to customize your look.

Fashion Dye x1 0.50 Jaden now 0.25 Jaden

Fashion Dye x5 2 Jaden now 1 Jaden


St. Patrick's Day Celebration!

All green items in the Marketplace are on sale! This includes:

Bilu Set Pack 25 Jaden now 20 Jaden

Forest Fashion Pack 5 Jaden now 3 Jaden

Jadefall Elixir 12 Jaden now 8 Jaden

Champion Flagon 2 Jaden now 1 Jaden

Esper Polish 3 Jaden now 1.50 Jaden

Raya Gem 5 Jaden now 3.50 Jaden

Budding Kindleaf 10 Jaden now 5 Jaden

Archsky Essence 12 Jaden now 8 Jaden

Wongzo Melon 2 Jaden now 1 Jaden

Tangon Jade 1 Jaden now 0.75 Jaden



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