Non-Profit License (NPL) and Annual Activation License (AAL) policy updates

Dear TeamSpeak NPL and AAL Users,

First off, we would like to thank you all for your continued support and help making the TeamSpeak community what it is today.  Your dedication and enthusiasm is inspiring and for that we are grateful. 

As you may know, the TeamSpeak 3 server downloads includes a native single virtual server/32-slot license which does not require registration of any kind for private usage.  This is currently utilized by thousands of small gaming guilds and clans which do not necessarily need a registered 512-slot NPL.  Registered 512-slot NPLs allowed for 10 virtual servers and this “benefit” alone has been among the biggest source of abuse and piracy we have encountered since the existence of the NPL (and AAL for that matter).
NPLs actually cost us money to manage, maintain, and support, yet as a company we insist on their existence. Many of you may not be aware that our dedicated customer support staff spends more time dealing with NPL issues which bring us $0 in revenue than all other customer queries combined.  We hope this brings additional perspective with regard to the magnitude of the issues we are facing with the NPL and the amount of time and resources these issues consume from our team.
NPL changes
Going forward, NPL licenses will be issued for 2 virtual servers/512 slots, rather than 10 virtual servers/512 slots.  Existing NPL licensees who obtained their license prior to this policy change will be granted one renewal at 10 virtual servers/512 slots, and the license will be valid for 6 months.  This should give you enough time to make any necessary changes to your server.  All NPL renewals after December 6, 2014 will be issued a 2 server/512 slot license.

Our goal is NOT to eliminate the NPL, for at its core, the NPL drives the very spirit and reason for which TeamSpeak was invented in the first place. Rather our goal is to minimize the abuse and piracy which unfortunately tends to fuel some NPL users.  This change will allow us to reallocate resources from managing piracy tickets and therefore accelerate NPL review and processing.
AAL changes
Annual Activation Licenses (AAL) for 128 slots and greater, previously allowing for 5 or 10 servers depending on the slot count, will now all be issued for 2 virtual servers.  Updated configurations for our standard AAL server and slot counts can be found here, and are offered through our automated sales system. However, should you require a larger number of servers or slots, send an email to  Each request for a non-standard license will be reviewed on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed.
Note that existing AAL licensees who obtained their license prior to this policy change will be grandfathered into the old license structure and may continue to renew as they have before.
Thank you
Once again, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to the many users which have legitimately acquired NPLs for non-commercial purposes, and have spent countless hours contributing and being a part of TeamSpeak’s growth and success.  For this we thank you, and we hope you will continue your efforts.  We recognize those of you in this category and expect these changes will for the most part not affect you. 

Our sincere regards,

The TeamSpeak Team

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