Overwatch Glitch Lets Players Explore the Next Level in Nepal Map

In Overwatch, players have been able to end up in some very interesting places with abilities like Reaper’s Shadow Step and Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook. However, none of them are quite as interesting as where two Mercy players ended up after glitching their way through Nepal.

Nepal consists of several distinct stages played one after the other, but all of these are loaded in at the same time. YouTube user Hulkman503 posted a video showing how to get from one area to the other in the middle of a match. See it for yourself below (via Eurogamer).

One of the two players notes that everything is loaded, including health packs scattered around the map. He notes that you can’t interact with the Control Points.

“Doing this is useless unless you do…” the player started. “No, never mind. Don’t listen to me rambling. It’s completely useless.”

However, when you’re down there, there are some interesting things you can do. You can change your character at the starting base, and the player notes that Symmetra’s Ultimate can be used to teleport the entire team down there. This doesn’t actually help them, but it sounds pretty funny.

The two players mention that they’ve tried glitching other maps in similar ways, but none of them have produced results like Nepal. They expect Blizzard will eventually patch the game to prevent this glitch.

Blizzard recently patched Overwatch to make newcomer Ana more effective and adjust the gunslingin’ McCree again. Additionally, on consoles, a recent patch nerfed the turret-building Torbjorn.

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