Overwatch Heads to TV for a New Tournament

Overwatch was the best-selling game in June, and now it’s headed to television. TBS will air the finals of a $300,000 tournament that starts Saturday, July 23.

Turner Broadcasting’s esports organization, Eleague, and competitive gaming platform Faceit are hosting the Overwatch Open. To get to the Grand Finals, teams will have to win one of two Regional Finals first. Second place in a Regional Final gets $24,000; third and fourth place teams earn $18,000; and teams that place fifth through eighth get $6,000.

While the team that wins the Grand Finals takes home $100,000, the runners-up will earn themselves $32,000. The Grand Finals will broadcast live on TBS and Twitch from Atlanta on September 30.

In other Overwatch news, new Support character Ana made her way to the PS4 recently. She was already available on PC and is currently in certification on Xbox One, which means she should be out soon.

Ana is a Support sniper who can simultaneously heal her allies and damage enemies with her Biotic Rifle and Grenade. Additionally, she can use her Sleep Dart to put enemies to sleep and her ultimate, Nano Boost, to give a teammate increased damage, faster movement, and higher damage resistance.

You can see all of Ana’s Legendary and Epic skins here and find out why she wears an eyepatch here.

GameSpot’s Mike Mahardy wrote an article about how Ana highlights Overwatch’s ability to tell brilliant stories through subtle moments.

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