Summer Sale

Flowercreek Jade and Myriad Thread lottos are back in the Marketplace! Each try costs only 0.50 Jaden!

Flowercreek Jade

Prizes include:

Kirin Sigil Grand Pack* x1

Yuan Crystal LV9 Grand Pack* x1

Soul Scepter Grand Pack* x1

Firmus Grand Pack* x1

Jade Box x1

Tiamat Blood x1

Affinity Bead x500

Precious Jade Pack x1

*Grand Packs also contain a bonus Kirin Sigil Shard!


Myriad Thread

Prizes include:

Kirin Sigil Pack x1

Duowings x1

Capricorn's Horns x1

Capricorn's Might x1

Jade Box x1

Tiamat Blood x1

Celebean x3

Precious Jade Pack x1


All Fashion Weapons are 50% off!

Fashion Weapons are now only 5 Jaden instead of 10 Jaden!

Bronze Sigil is on sale!

Bronze Sigil x1 3.50 Jaden now 1.75 Jaden

Bronze Sigil x6 20 Jaden now 10 Jaden

All Respec items (Jaki Stone, Recall Chant, and Reset Stone) are on sale!

Jaki Stone x1 30 Jaden now 15 Jaden

Recall Chant x1 10 Jaden now 5 Jaden

Reset Stone x1 8 Jaden now 4 Jaden

Perfect Tawen Gem is on sale!

Perfect Tawen Gem x1 1.50 Jaden now 0.75 Jaden

Perfect Tawen Gem x11 15 Jaden now 7.50 Jaden

All VIP Packs are on sale! Choose between Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold!

Silver VIP Pack x1 5 Jaden now 3 Jaden

Supreme Gold VIP Pack x1 29 Jaden now 17.40 Jaden

Rose Gold VIP Pack x1 17.50 Jaden now 10.50 Jaden



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