The Division’s Underground Expansion Out Now on PS4

Those who play The Division on PS4 can finally jump into the game’s Underground expansion, which released on Xbox One in June. The expansion adds new missions, gear sets, and an Incursion.

Underground adds Operations that are randomized, customizable, and repeatable. These missions act like dungeons, in which you can adjust difficulty and gameplay variables such as disabling the minimap and removing directional damage indicators. Of course, these variables give you bonuses and more XP if you complete the Operation with them activated.

The new Incursion has Division Agents going up against the cleaners in Hell’s Kitchen. You’ll encounter RC cars that explode, snipers, shotgunners, and four bosses who will take you on at once. The new gear sets are called BLIND, DeadEye, FireCrest, and Reclaimer, and new abilities come with the completion of each one.

The Division: Underground comes as part of the game’s season pass, though you can buy it on its own for $15. It’s now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Division: Underground received a score of 7 in GameSpot’s review. Critic Scott Buttworth concluded, “The core mechanics and bullet sponge enemies haven’t changed, but the option to engage in short bursts of customizable, cooperative gameplay provides a hugely welcome alternative to simply replaying story missions or struggling through the Dark Zone. The unnecessary leveling system might slow the fun and solo players may suffer, but even Agents diving back in after months away can now enjoy new gameplay variations and the pick-up-and-play nature of Underground’s 15 to 20-minute operations. Assuming they haven’t burned out entirely, that is.”

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