Valentine’s Weekend Rewards Promo


Enjoy this Valentine's Day weekend by treating yourself or someone special to the rare Silver Fox pet, the White Fox mount, and one of the super-tier Jaden Rewards packs! Transfer ZEN to Jade Dynasty servers, and we'll send you ultra-rare prizes in March!


There are prizes for everyone in this transfer promo! If you're looking for an EXP boost, transferring just 500 ZEN will get you an Immortal Soldier pack, with Taichi Pills, Chroma Beads and more.



If you're a collector of pets, treat yourself to a rare Silver Fox that's only available during this weekend's Valentine Rewards! The Silver Fox is a Mutant type pet that has the Pet Faculty "Rampart Concentration", which reduces the damage received by the pet by 10. It's aptitudes are Woodwork, Mining, and Treasure.



The awesome White Fox mount is a permanent version of the temp mount available in the Wonderland Fair, and has never been available perm before. If you weren't one of the 10 lucky winners to win this mount in our Fealty Pack contest last month, now's your chance to get one!


If you're one of those elite endgame players, though, you're going to want the God King Relic Pack. This is one of the top-tier Jaden Rewards boxes, coming with 50 mystery boxes and a coupon for your choice of powerful items. With the God King coupon, you can get items like Chi of Nirvana upgrades, Pisces essence upgrades, and the Snake Chi (+5% CritStrike Rate, +10% Attack Power).


You'll have all weekend to transfer ZEN and qualify. At the end of the weekend, we'll do a data pull to see how much you transferred, then email you a code with all the prizes you qualified for. The prizes will be distributed mid-March.


This works similarly to Jaden Rewards or the in-game VIP system, in that you'll qualify based on how much you transfer, not how much you spend in-game.


Start time: 11:00 am PST, Thursday 2/13

End time: 11:59 pm PST, Wednesday 2/19



As you transfer more ZEN, you'll unlock more tiers of rewards. You'll get everything you qualify for — so if you transfer 15000 ZEN, you'll get an Immortal Soldier pack, the Silver Fox pet, and the new White Fox mount!


Additionally, everyone gets a code for a FREE player chosen title –called <Sealed With a Kiss>! Redeem code KT478K4 before Monday to get your title!



Reward Tiers:


500 ZEN: Immortal Soldier Relic Pack. Comes with 500 Taichi Pills, 1000 Chroma Beads, 500 Chroma Beads, a 7-day mount, and more.


5000 ZEN: Silver Fox Pet!


15000 ZEN: New White Fox Mount


35000 ZEN: The God King Relic Pack. Comes with 50x Warlord Relic Packs — mystery boxes with the Firmus as the top prize — and a coupon for your choice of special upgrades, mounts, etc.


Please be aware that all of the available rewards cannot be traded to other characters.


This special promotion is only around for a limited time, so make sure to earn your rewards before it's too late!

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