Velvet Painting

NEW! Velvet Painting!

Now on sale in the Marketplace for only 1 Jaden: Velvet Painting! This new token can be exchanged for various helpful Ascension items at the new NPC Zunon, next to Taisung the Tao in Jadeon. These include Affinity Beads, Chroma Beads, Arcane Bullion, Merit Incense, Meditation Orb 5X, and more! Be sure to drop by and check out what else Zunon has to offer. Note that the Velvet Painting will only activate once Ascension has been achieved.


In addition, two new chance packs have now been added to the Marketplace, at 0.50 Jaden each!

NEW! Lotus Ode!

Lotus Ode not only has Grand Packs for the top prizes (which include a bonus Kirin Sigil Shard), but the Sturdy Weapon Ticket can be exchanged for □/■Gaian Weapons at the NPC Divine Master in the Seat of Chaos.


Prizes include:

Kirin Sigil Grand Pack x1*

Yuan Crystal LV9 Grand Pack x1*

Fine Seal Orb Grand Pack x1*

Sturdy Weapon Ticket x1

Celebean x3

Tiamat Blood x1

Jade Box x1

Precious Jade Pack x1

*Grand Packs also contain a bonus Kirin Sigil Shard!


NEW! Phoenix Roar!

Phoenix Roar has Double Packs for the top prizes, which contain two copies of the listed item, plus a bonus Kirin Sigil Shard. In addition, one of the prizes is the rare Phoenix Skydance Mount Pack, which contains the epic Flying Mount, Tamed Phoenix!


Prizes include:

Kirin Sigil Double Pack x1*

Yuan Crystal LV9 Double Pack x1*

Fine Seal Orb Double Pack x1*

Phoenix Skydance x1

Affinity Bead x500

Tiamat Blood x1

Jade Box x1

Precious Jade Pack x1

*Double Packs contain double the item, as well as a bonus Kirin Sigil Shard!


NEW! The Seira Fashion Weapon, Jaden Firefly Fan, has been added to the Marketplace.

Jaden Firefly Fan 10 Jaden


Finally, check out what's been discounted in the Marketplace for this month!

All storage items are on sale at 50% off!

Magewool x1 3 Jaden  now 1.50 Jaden

Magewool x3 8 Jaden now 4 Jaden

Felwood x1 2 Jaden now 1 Jaden

Kifan Wood x1 4 Jaden now 2 Jaden

Arcane Wool x1 5 Jaden now 2.50 Jaden


Bid Sigil is also on sale for 50% off!

Bid Sigil x1 1 Jaden now 0.50 Jaden

Bid Sigil x11 10 Jaden now 5 Jaden


Serenity Jades are now half off! Buy the pack of 11 and get a Wonder Bag free!

Serenity Jade x1 0.50 Jaden now 0.25 Jaden

Serenity Jade x11 + Wonder Bag 5 Jaden now 2.50 Jaden


Spiritseal (Gold) is half off!

Spiritseal (Gold) x1 3 Jaden now 1.50 Jaden


Tanis Ka's Charm is on sale! Buy the pack of 11 and get a Wonder Bag free!

Tanis Ka's Charm x1 0.50 Jaden now 0.35 Jaden

Tanis Ka's Charm x11 + Wonder Bag 5 Jaden now 3.50 Jaden


Chi Enhancer and Soul Inverters are on sale! Buying the pack of Soul Inverter x11 gets you a free Wonder Bag!

Chi Enhancer x1 1.50 Jaden now 0.75 Jaden

Soul Inverter x1 0.50 Jaden now 0.25 Jaden

Soul Inverter x11 + Wonder Bag 5 Jaden now 2.50 Jaden


Telepathy Gems have been discounted for a limited time!

Telepathy Gem x1 0.15 Jaden now 0.10 Jaden

Telepathy Gem x10 1.50 Jaden now 1.00 Jaden


The Esper Aid items, Wyvern Blood and Tiamat Blood, have been discounted!

Wyvern Blood x1 5 Jaden now 2.50 Jaden

Tiamat Blood x1 0.50 Jaden now 0.25 Jaden


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