BOI – New Content Update for Battle of the Immortals!


The latest update to Battle of the Immortals is now available, so get in game and see whats new !


New Content Available: December 19, 2013


Astral Weapon

Legends speak of weapons of great power, ones that by themselves have shaped Motenia’s history.  Though these artifacts were believed to be lost to the ages, recent archaeological researches have brought new light upon their whereabouts.



Astral Weapon is a new way of increasing your weapon’s power! Begin by collecting Astral Soul Shards in New Pyramid.  Once you have enough, you can combine them into an Astral Soul.  Complete its given objectives to be able to upgrade your Soul Weapon with it!



Crystal Realm

A magical realm whose existence was virtually unknown, until now.  The atmosphere is silent, almost peaceful, yet the dangers the realm poses is clearly palpable.  Amongst the mesmerizing beauties of the crystals are the answers the world is searching for…



Crystal Realm is a new LV30+ Exalted zone.  You can teleport there by the Exalted Gate in Atlantis, or entered through the Grand Maelstrom.



Grand Maelstrom

Once tranquil and desolate, this desert expanse is now swarming with monsters as an endless sand storm rages on.  Since its sudden appearance, the Grand Maelstrom has been the focus of attention for mortals and divines alike.  The veins of magical energy and erupting crystals suggest something powerful beneath the sands.  Your adventures continue as you investigate the source of these new disturbance.



Grand Maelstrom is a new LV30+ Exalted zone.  You can teleport there by the Exalted Gate in Atlantis.  The center of the Grand Maelstrom is a portal that leads to the Crystal Realm.



Quartz Grotto

An otherworldly realm made almost entirely of crystals.  The Quartz Grotto appears as a series of islands suspended in a starry void.  But beyond its apparent beauty is a violent power struggle.  A Crystal Outlander has arrived in Atlantis, seeking warriors strong enough to bring peace to the Quartz Grotto.



Quartz Grotto is a new LV90+ instance.  Much like Pangaea Catacomb, it features a single player mode and party mode that offers drastically different challenges.  Complete the instance for a chance at a new Pet and Treasure!


This is one update you won't want to miss, so get in game today and see what new challenges await your arrival!

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