New Rattlesnake Pet and Mystery Box!


New Rattlesnake pet and World Tour mystery box have been added to the Marketplace! These items are only available for two weeks so get your shivery snake today!


Sale Start Date: February 5, 2014

Sale End Date: February 19, 2014


This week we have 4 new (or mostly-new) items in the Marketplace, the World Tour mystery box, Bliss Parrot & Rattlesnake pets, and the Snowfox Mask. These items are only available for two weeks and will be removed from the Marketplace once the sale ends.


Open the World Tour mystery box for a chance to get your very own Grand Caravan mount! This is a multi-rider mount, so invite your friends along for a joy ride and get to your next destination in true JD style!



This brand new Rattlesnake pet comes equipped with its own gear to weather any winter storm. If you're an avid collector of pets, this is one you won't want to pass up on!



If you're looking for a new flying pet we've added the Bliss Parrot for you to enjoy. This beautiful macaw has vibrant colors that make it a premium show bird.



Accessorize your wardrobe with these beautifully crafted Snowfox Masks. These masks will help you conceal your identity in Snowfox style!



All four of these new items will only be available for two weeks. Make sure to get yours before the opportunity slips away!

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