PVP With Phoenix and Dragon Fashion



Drain enemies' Health or Spirit with these fashions' powerful PvP skills. Fashions are available for two weeks only so don't wait!


Sale Start Date: February 5, 2014

Sale End Date: February 19, 2014


The Phoenix and Dragon fashion sets are usually only available in the Bonus Shop, but for a limited time only, you’ll be able to get your hands on these powerful and romantic fashions. These fashions each include a powerful PvP-ready skill, either draining Spirit (female version) or Health (male version) over time.




The female Phoenix fashion unlocks the Sword of Love skill, which drains enemies’ SP.


The target will immediately drop to zero SP, and for the next 60 seconds, they’ll have a Spirit Drain debuff. The total drain is three times the target’s combined Max HP and Max SP – as a ballpark number, figure that the target loses a sixth of their Max SP every two seconds, on top of the initial drop to zero SP.




The Sword of Love can also inflict a one-minute debuff that prevents the target from using normal, non-skill attacks.


Combined with the Celan skill Soundblade Emperor, Sword of Love can be a knockout punch in PvP.




The male Dragon fashion unlocks the Blade of Love, which inflicts an HP Bleed and several other debuffs.


After the initial damage, the target will take Bleed damage for two minutes, dealing 5% of their Max Health every two seconds. All told, this Bleed will deal over 4x their Max Health.




The Blade of Love will also reduce the target’s speed and Resistances by 15%.



The Purity set, for female characters, is a graceful garment for noble ladies.



We’ve also discounted Wedding packs and Love Wishes to celebrate – get married with the packs, then you’ll be able to use Love Wishes to teleport to your spouse whenever you want.


These premium fashions will only be available in the Marketplace for a short time, so if you want a boost to your PvP kit, make sure to act fast.






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